Why Promotional Products

  • Nov 6, 2017

There are many forms of advertising and lots of ways to spend your advertising budget. But, what are we supposed to spend our hard earned dollars on? Value for money, longevity and brand recollection are all things we must consider before we just throw our dollars away on a fruitless campaign.

Promotional Products have been around for a long time and should be high on your list of marketing tools to consider when planning your next marketing campaign and here’s why.

• The gift that keeps giving: Longevity. Unlike conventional advertising (radio,tv and print) they stick around, even if a pen is lost or finds its way into other hands it is still selling your brand. It might be a Branded Drink Bottle in someone’s hand or a Branded Backpack on its way to the gym “Your Name is Circulating”

• Brand Recognition: Repeated exposure to a brand or logo resonates, seeing something over and over is often the best way to remember something, Customers are more likely to remember your company if exposed to it often. Promotional Products have the ability to do this, for an example a Pen in the hand or a Water Bottle at a sports event.

• Increased Brand Exposure: T Shirts are a good example of this, unlike a static billboard theses are mobile with over 58% of people owning a Branded Tee. Pens can change hands allowing your brand more exposure, and the ability to work promoting your business 24 hours a day.

We want people to remember our business in a favorable way and using a gifted Promotional Item, an act of goodwill is an excellent way to develop a favorable perception and image of your business. I urge you to try Promotional Products in your next branding campaign Superior Awards & Promotions are experts in this field and would like to work alongside you to achieve the best results possible.

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